You can fund your account by using bitcoin, ethereum, monero, xrp, contact us for other alt coins, bank wire. You can also purchase crypto currencies here from our third party partner with your credit card.

Once we have confirmations that we have received the payment, your account will be immediately funded.

Your funds are sent directly to Anonymoustrading cold wallets, and via API the system reflects your current balance on your dashboard. One of the key differences between Anonymoustrading and other custodian exchanges is that Anonymoustrading do not hold hot wallets connected to the platform therefore there is no risk your funds to be lost if there is any kind of attack.

We believe that our performance should be our showcase, therefore we provide a 7 day trial where we fund your account with $100 worth of bitcoin, you can watch the daily trades live and see how we make money trading. You provide us a bitcoin wallet and you are paid the profits daily! We pay you for test driving us! That’s right, we pay you! Why would we do that? It is our marketing strategy and we believe that whether you join after the 7 days or not, we know that you will spread the word about our performance. After the 7 days, you can add only $400 to join the starter program or you keep your profits and we take back the $100. It’s that simple. We give you 1 month after your 7 days to think about whether you wish to fund a real account or not, after that period your account is closed.

If you attempt to withdraw the $100 which is not WITHDRAWABLE and is used as trading equity, we may automatically cancel your test drive and close your account due to suspected fraud attempt.

None! If you have fixed an account for a certain period of time that is your choice. However, you may request a withdrawal at any time.

Please be aware that ALL bonus based accounts have a 30 day withdrawal process from the point at which you request a withdrawal. This is the time period it takes us to separate your funds from our trading pool.

We provide bonuses based on the deposit amount. A Bronze account receives a 20% bonus and matures in 30 days. A Silver Account receives a 50% bonus and matures in 180 days. A Gold account receives a 100% bonus and matures in 180 days. A Platinum account received a 200% bonus and matures in 365 days. Bonuses are optional and may choose an at call account with no withdrawal restrictions.

Commissions earned and paid can be drawn back from the affiliates trading account if the referrals withdraw some or all of their funds before a 60 day period.

No! We are an anonymous Trading platform, we don’t want to know who you are or where you are from or where your funds came from or what you will do with your profits! This is all your free will! We absolutely believe in the total anonymity of people’s privacy.

We do not provide 2FA simply because 2FA is used by companies that are custodians of your funds. This means they have your KYC documents and are able to confirm your identity and restore access to your account upon a loss of your 2FA device. In our case, we are Anonymous, and if you lose your 2FA access, you won’t be able to login to your account. Other anonymous companies such as exodus.com, trezor.io and ledger.com also like us do not use 2FA for that same reason.

Yes! All countries and all regions are prohibited from using our service! By joining this platform you confirm you are accessing this platform anonymously and as an offshore client! This way all your details are anonymous, you may use your real name if you choose, however you may use an alias if you prefer. We do not require your address or country of residency as we believe in the spirit of being able to generate income anonymously without any interference from big brother.

Yes we have 24/7 live chat support, we also provide account managers based on your plan who will communicate via wickr or signal with you.

What you do with you funds as they will be in crypto is up to you and is your responsibility, our job is only to make sure that every day there is crypto coming into your wallet!

Firstly the biggest scams in the world were done by the so called regulators and cost the world 7.1 trillion dollars! We can offer you many examples, but we believe the 2008/9 world financial crisis is enough of an example( hence the reason bitcoin was created). We provide you free alerts and free test drive accounts for you to trial before you join any program. There is of course a risk in all financial vehicles and you should be aware of that before you invest your funds.

Well, in the scheme of things they are not that high. We use your funds for leverage and we are provided by our liquidity providers up to 1: 1000 in leverage. We only trade your account until we reach the required returns and we continue to trade our account for maximum profits.

We recommend you use tor with a VPN. We also have an onion site for even more anonymity.

Wickr and Telegram and XMPP

Please be advised that Anonymous Trading is not liable to cover any exchange fees that a client has incurred to be able to send or receive crypto currency. The cost of sending or receiving Crypto currency is the sole responsibility of the client

Instantly! Once your referral has funded their account, our system sends you the commission.